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What Is Wildlife Removal and How Does It Help Homeowners in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia?

Wildlife removal is a service homeowners use to trap and remove animals and repair damage to homes and attics. Its primary purpose is to humanely remove critters that have broken into an attic. The service should also include exclusion repairs that keep animals from returning to the home or attic.

Wildlife Removal From Attics

Suppose you need to remove wildlife from your attic in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, or anywhere in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. In that case, you need to hire a company specializing in wildlife removal. Unlike regular pest control companies, a full-service wildlife control company will have the necessary skills and experience to use humane methods to remove wildlife from an attic and keep them out.

NOTE: If you have a dog or cat problem, call Municipal Animal Control Services or Police Non-emergency line in your area.

Affordable Wildlife Attic Removal 

BEDR Wildlife Removal removes wildlife from our clients’ attics and homes, such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other critters. Our wildlife removal technicians have years of experience helping people solve wildlife issues. They are specially trained to remove critters from attics and repair the damage that squirrels, raccoons, and bats can cause to a home.

You can schedule a same-day or next-day appointment by calling 703-343-9383 and speaking to one of our specialists about your problem with wildlife in your attic.

What Should A Wildlife Removal Company Do in Northern Virginia?

Here are a few things to consider when hiring a wildlife removal company to solve your animal control issues:

  • Be sure the company specializes in wildlife trapping and removal. Not pest control.
  • The wildlife removal company should conduct a full inspection of the building to identify how wildlife enters the home. This inspection should be included in the cost for the removal of wildlife from attics.
  • The company should be able to perform exclusion repairs and offer a guarantee that animals will not be able to reenter the attic where repairs were made. Repairing wildlife damage to homes is an additional cost. An estimate for repairs will be based on the result of the inspection.
  • The company should offer services to clean up biohazardous wildlife waste in the attic or surrounding areas.
  • And finally, the company should be licensed and insured to provide wildlife management in Virginia, Fairfax County, and Arlington County.

Should I Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company To Remove Animals From My Attic, or Can I Do It Myself?

Hiring a professional wildlife removal company makes sense if you are uncomfortable handling wild animals or making significant home repairs. An experienced wildlife removal company provides services that can be implemented immediately to resolve a wildlife situation that can be both dangerous and harmful to families and pets.

In addition to experience, wildlife control companies will know local, state, and federal regulations regarding safeguarding animals and how to safely eliminate them.

And finally, a professional wildlife removal company will have all of the equipment necessary to capture and remove animals, such as tall ladders, traps, biohazardous clothing, etc.

How Can I Tell If I Have Animals In My Attic?

Do you hear noises in your attic? Quick action could save you hundreds of dollars!

Two primary things will indicate the presence of wildlife in your home or attic:

  1. Scratching, scurrying, or other unrecognizable noises suddenly are present in your attic, walls, or fan vents.
  2. And external damage to the home is around soffits, facia, roof lines, vents, and other places where animals are known to enter homes.

Postponing wildlife trapping can lead to considerable damage to houses. Paying no attention to sounds may put families, customers, or staff members at risk of health issues. Insulation contamination is widespread when wildlife wants to nest. Our team in Fairfax County can remove all toxic contamination, complete a comprehensive attic restoration, and remove the contaminated debris.

Repairing an attic can also produce a clean, more energy-efficient residence or property after our experienced wild animal removal team has trapped the critter. To start with, we will plug the critter’s entry points to enter. We only do this right after the wild animals are caught and exterminated.

The goal of wildlife removal and animal control aims to prevent wildlife conflicts in the home and deliver long-term solutions that satisfy residential and commercial customers.

We provide full-service wildlife removal and control services for residential and commercial properties.

We guarantee wildlife cannot return through entry points we have secured. Additionally, no other nuisance critters can use those earlier entrance points.

BEDR Wildlife Removal employs current, sophisticated wildlife removal approaches. We catch a variety of wildlife, both inside your house and out on your patio or yard. We use the best and most humane critter control techniques possible and observe all County and State guidelines and laws relating to capturing and eradicating wildlife.

BEDR Wildlife Removal provides complete wildlife removal services from beginning to end. Every appointment starts with a comprehensive residential property inspection to locate entry spots and at-risk areas; if required, humane trapping kicks off after the inspection, based on the wild animal and natural environment. Immediately after exterminating all nuisance critters, we can provide wildlife damage repair work, feces clean up, attic repair, and most importantly, wild animal exclusion and animal-proofing professional services to prevent animals from coming again.

Wildlife Removal IS NOT About Dogs, Cats, Injured Animals, and Wildlife on Public Property

Contact Virginia’s Department of Wildlife Resources. They can provide information to help you identify local resources. You may also contact your local municipal non-emergency helpline for information on obtaining help from local organizations near you.


BEDR Wildlife Removal only responds to calls from residential homeowners and businesses that require wildlife removed from attics, homes, or private property.

VIRGINIA Squirrel Removal

Will Removing Wildlife From My Attic Reduce Damage to My Home?

Yes, absolutely. A prominent question amongst our homeowners in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington is, will Animals sooner or later leave my house? The response is maybe, and maybe not. Consider it– your home is an excellent place with lots of the food they eat, shade, heat in the winter months, AC in the summer season, a perfect roof covering to help keep things dry, and an excellent place to breed a family. So precisely, why would any pest want to vacate?

Virtually nothing says safety, protection, and comfort to a wildlife hunting for a hideout to nest in, just like your attic. Also, an animal will search for a safe and comfortable area to build a breeding ground or home. Unfortunately, nuisance creatures can make a sound and safe house a scary mess! Our wildlife control solutions remove bats, raccoons, squirrels, bird nests, and other creatures. You do not need to share your home, patio, or yard with a wild animal that damages your property or spreads health issues to your family, so don’t live with an irritating animal.

Wildlife animals tear open roofs, damage soffits, and eaves, and pollute residences with hazardous excrement. However, wildlife pest control can be done safely and humanely by Fairfax County wildlife control companies like BEDR Wildlife Removal. Our solutions can let you breathe easily.

So, please phone us to catch and eliminate undesirable house guests. Our team will remove all of the wild animals in your attic; the baby, mommy, and daddy critters.

What Does It Cost To Remove Wildlife From An Attic?

The cost to remove wildlife from an attic will vary depending on the animal and the necessary repairs and cleanup.

  • Removing squirrels from an attic will typically cost between $450 and $700.
  • Removal of raccoons from an attic can cost anywhere from $500 and up.
  • Removal of bats from an attic and the associated cleanup of biohazardous waste could cost a homeowner as much as $700 or more.
  • Removing bird nests from a vent or attic will cost around $350.

The costs will vary widely because every wildlife removal job presents its challenges. What wildlife animal needs to be removed? Where is the animal located? Is the critter easy to reach, or will walls or ranges need to be opened up or moved? What kind of wildlife damage repairs will need to be made to keep animals out of your attic? What is the extent of cleanup?

The only known cost starting is how much it will cost to trap and remove wildlife from your attic. An inspection of the property will have to take place before an estimate of repair and exclusion costs can be presented to the homeowner.

Most wildlife trapping and removal jobs will include a free home inspection. So don’t pay for an inspection if you don’t have to when you already know you have a wildlife problem. Start removing the wildlife as soon as possible to reduce the damages they cause in your home.

Click here to get more information about the cost of removing attic wildlife in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and all areas in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

What are Raccoon Removal Services?

Raccoon removal services are actions wildlife trapping companies use to capture and remove raccoons from attics and homes. The services are necessary for homeowners because raccoons can do incredible damage to a home and represent a high risk for the safety and health of humans and pets in the area.

Since the increasing number of raccoons directly results from human beings feeding them or otherwise readily available food sources, raccoon removal is necessary for rural and city areas. In addition, raccoons are intelligent and destructive animals that can live in your attic or wall space.

Raccoons in Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington constantly try to find a fantastic location to live, and your attic is ideal. Home attics supply a dry, warm, safe shelter for raccoons to raise their young. When nesting, raccoons usually have 3-5 babies. Raccoon nests and babies must be extracted by hand and carried away from home.

What Kind Of Damage Will Raccoons Do To My  Attic and Home?

Unfortunately, raccoons enter your home by prying open locations in soffits and vents, and when within, the damage starts. Destruction of ductwork, wood, insulation, and electrical wiring often occurs, harming personal valuables in the attic. Your attic will likewise be an indoor bathroom for raccoons that leave urine and excrement. Parasites such as fleas can also be a problem long after removing the raccoon’s whole family.

Raccoons are, most of the time, nocturnal and are natural scavengers. However, raccoons are incredibly aggressive and can carry rabies, which is dangerous for homeowners and their pets. Therefore, getting raccoons out of your attic is the only method to return your home to a safer environment for your household.

Are Raccoon Exclusion Repairs Necessary?

BEDR Wildlife Removal keeps raccoons from going back to your home or business. Raccoon removal and exclusion often require making structural repair work or additions to eliminate the chance for animals to enter a building. In cases where animals have taken up residency, our biological cleanup process will eliminate the scent markings animals use to communicate, eliminating any enticement for future animals to discover ways to enter a polluted area. In addition, BEDR Wildlife Removal trains its service technicians to identify all entries before leaving your property.

Click here to learn more about raccoon removal in your area.

VIRGINIA Raccoon Removal
Raccoon removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington

Raccoon Removal From Attics

What Are Squirrel Removal Services?

Squirrel removal services are designed to eliminate squirrels from attics, homes, and other places where they damage personal property. Services include trapping and removing squirrels from the property. Exclusion repairs close all entry points and ensure squirrels do not return to the attic or area.

Squirrels Damage Homes Inside and Out.

Squirrels in the attic present real problems for a house owner because they can create significant damage. Squirrels are known to gnaw the covering from electrical wires, which are declared to be the reason for 20% of house and business fires.

Squirrels tend to run around in an attic. You might also hear gnawing, scratching, and sounds from your attic. While it can be enjoyable to watch these adorable little animals dart up and down trees. They aren’t quite as cute when they make their way into your attic. Once they make it into your home, they cause significant issues. BEDR Wildlife Removal will eliminate the squirrels that have taken up residency in your house or attic.

Squirrels Are Rodents and Should Be Removed From Attics

Squirrels are clever and relentless animals. They will empty your bird feeder in a short amount of time. They are infamous for digging potted plants and flowerbeds and chewing on bulbs. They are constantly chewing because their teeth are continually growing, and the real issues start when squirrels make a home in your attic. Wood siding and electrical wiring are at risk of damage. Squirrels also carry fleas, and their feces and urine can cause an undesirable smell in your house. Squirrels are rodents; like rats, they chew on wires and water lines. Keep in mind squirrel teeth continue to grow. They chew and nibble on your home’s wire and wood structure to keep the teeth worn down.

Get Rid of Squirrels In Your Attic Before The Damage is Done

Squirrels usually breed twice yearly, in summer between May and June and in winter between December and February. In mild winter seasons, squirrels tend to extend the breeding season. The grey squirrel does not hibernate like some northern types of squirrels. If you have squirrels in your attic, you will usually only have one whole family. A dominant male and female will keep other squirrels away while nesting. Trapping is one elimination approach; another uses deterrents to persuade the animals to vacate.

Most deterrents are inadequate in the long run because they do not resolve the underlying concerns connected to a squirrel problem. They will take any offspring with them; grey squirrels are among the most dedicated parents and defend their little ones to death if the squirrels leave. If we trap the adults, we must get rid of the little ones by hand to reunite the family or take the babies to a certified wildlife rehabilitator for care and ultimate release.

Check here for more information about removing squirrels from attics in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

Squirrel in attic removal
Bat Removal Fairfax and Fredericksburg

What Is Bat Removal From Attics?

Bat removal is a service that traps and removes bats from attics. Bat removal services include relocating bat colonies, cleaning up bat guano and sanitizing the area, and doing exclusion repairs that keep bats out.

Bat Removal Specialists Are The Best Way To Safely Remove Bats

Bats are the last animals you wish to see hanging over your head, especially when simply checking your attic. Do not panic, however. Instead, call us, and we will take care of the removal so you can feel in control once again. Utilizing a Wildlife Control Expert to remove wildlife, such as bats, is the best method to stop your pest bat infestation and get it under control. BEDR Wildlife Removal’s bat control services will securely eliminate bats by trapping them where they live, humanely removing them, and sealing the entryway points.

Affordable Bat Guano Cleanup

Bats in the attic can go undetected, and when you discover bats in your attic, the damage from guano accumulation is already done and generally rather substantial.

Bats are intelligent wildlife flying into a few of the strangest places. They are competent at getting in small openings in your home and nesting in large numbers. We can evict these flying mammals from your home and eliminate whatever contaminated materials, such as attic insulation, are left behind that may cause various diseases.

Find a Bat Control, Removal, and Abatement Services Company in Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia by Calling Us Today.

Need more information about bat removal in Northern Virginia? Click here.

Is There Dead Deer Removal Near Me In Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington?

Dead Deer Removal is a wildlife removal service available to homeowners who find dead animals on their private property. The service includes pickup, sanitization, damage repair, and disposal. Wildlife removal companies only focus on removing dead wildlife creatures – not pets, like dogs and cats – from private property.

Your local municipal government DOES NOT get dead animals on personal property. Dead wildlife removal is entirely the obligation of the homeowner or business property owner. Instead, call your local city or county police non-emergency phone number or the state transportation department to report wildlife on roadways, parks, or public property. Be ready to offer the exact area of the dead animal. Then, VDOT or the local authorities will send animal control to pick it up.

Get Dead Animals Removed From Private Property in Northern Virginia

Dead Deer and dead animal carcass removal in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and other communities in Northern Virginia are essential. You can call a wildlife removal company like BEDR Wildlife Removal to come and pick up the dead animal. Dead animals on private property are considered the responsibility of the homeowner. Arlington County animal control services will not remove wildlife or dead animals from private property.

Our wildlife removal professionals are pros at locating dead deer and animal carcasses and extracting them from the oddest places.

Affordable Dead Deer Removal Services

If you find a dead animal, do not touch it! Our dead animal removal professionals understand the dangers and precisely how to handle the carcass to prevent the spread of disease and parasites. We will properly dispose of the animal and sterilize the odor. Further, we will eliminate the risk of possible pest problems accompanying this issue and restore any broken property if requested. Contact BEDR Wildlife Removal and ask us about dead animal removal. We frequently get rid of dead deer and other wild animals around Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax.

BEDR Wildlife Removal does charge a service charge to remove dead animal carcasses from industrial or personal property. The property owner, landlord, or organization property owner purchases dead animal elimination services. Some homeowner insurance coverage covers this expenditure. If the dead critter is on your personal property, contact us today, and we’ll have one of our expertly trained technicians dispatched to you asap!

Call for Dead Deer or Animal Removal Costs and Get Pick Up and Removal Today.

BEDR Wildlife Removal Serves Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fredericksburg

No Domestic Animals or Pets. No Animals on Public Property and Roadways.

No Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Services.

BEDR Wildlife Removal is a registered Virginia wildlife removal company serving Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fredericksburg. We are a top-rated, award-winning HomeAdvisor Professional wildlife control service provider. We have earned over 180 four and five-star reviews from customers who recommend our services for the removal of squirrels, raccoons, bats, bird nests, foxes, snakes, beavers, groundhogs and other wildlife critters.

Headquartered in King George, Virginia, we serve communities throughout the entire Northern Virginia area including Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, and Stafford County. We provide residential and commercial wildlife removal services. We are professionally trained and licensed in the states of Virginia (License #56104) and Maryland (License #049372) as Virginia Nuisance Wildlife and Commercial Wildlife Damage Control Operators, respectively.

What Does Northern Virginia Wildlife Removal
and Control Services Include?

Squirrel Removal

Raccoon Removal

Bat Removal

Birds Nest Removal

Fox Removal

Snake Removal

Opossum Removal

Groundhog Removal

Skunk Removal

Mole Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife Removal Service Reviews

...very prompt and explained everything...

The guys were very prompt and explained everything that they found and needed to do. They set a trap for the unknown “critter” and came back the next day to empty it. They found and fixed the entrances and so far, no more “critters”! I never had to call to remind them about any of the work. In this area, that is a HUGE plus.

Prices very reasonable.

Responded immediately and was out the very next day. Took care of my problem. Prices very reasonable. Would definitely recommend to everyone!!

...pleased with the level of service.

They contacted me immediately, and I had next day service. In addition, they came back to review and follow up to make sure that the job was completed. They were friendly, and quick. I am pleased with the level of service.

They did a wonderful job...

Crew kept coming back to my house to ensure that no more squirrels were present in my attic. They did a wonderful job and will recommend to friends and family. Great job!!

Find Wildlife Removal Near Me in Fairfax County

Our wildlife professionals work throughout Fairfax County and the Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington. Even if you don’t see your community listed below, call us. We likely have someone in your area who can help.

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FAQs About Removing Wildlife in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington

Here are a few frequently asked questions about wildlife removal from our customers. While they primarily deal with removing squirrels, raccoons, bats, bird nests, groundhogs, they also apply to all critter removal services. Not sure what our services include, or do you have questions about wildlife removal in general? We’re happy to receive your inquires about squirrels, raccoons, bats, bird nests, groundhogs, and perhaps we’ll include a response in our upcoming updates to our wildlife removal FAQ.

Q: How much does it cost to remove wildlife from attics?

A: Many factors affect pricing; location of the animal (Is the critter in a chimney, attic, crawl space, wall void, or living area?), condition of the animal (Is the animal sick, aggressive, or dead?), location and condition of the property and time of year (What are the weather conditions? Are there offspring present?). Pricing will vary by location and species for just the animal trapping and removal and that pricing usually does not include the necessary repairs to prevent future critter infestations. In general, however, you can expect to pay somewhere between $450 – $1000 for trapping and removing wildlife from attics. Repairs will be extra. Check out our expanded info about wildlife removal costs from attics.

Q: Can I make a wildlife removal appointment for a specific time?

A: Unfortunately, no, and here’s why. Wildlife control involves dealing with living, thinking critters that often don’t want to cooperate with our wildlife trapper. We simply never know how long each job will take. Our experience also shows that at times homeowners are unable to convey the extent of a wildlife infestation, so the job is fully assessed and known only after our trapper arrives onsite. We plan 60-90 minutes for each stop, but any number of things may cause delays. The best we can do is offer a time frame when we should arrive, and we’ll do our best to make that, but we can’t guarantee late-day scheduled appointments and we ask for your patience if your assigned technician is running late.

Q: Can you remove wildlife if I’m not at home?

A: We prefer that somebody is at your location when we arrive, but we understand that isn’t always possible. While much of our work will be outside the home, we may need to discuss options after our inspection or access parts of the home (such as the attic) to reach the critters. In those rare circumstances, we can take pictures of what we find and email them to you. In all cases, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the next steps to solving your wildlife problem before work commences.

Q: What do you do with the wildlife you trap?

A: It depends on where you live. States and some municipalities have their own laws that prescribe what can or must be done to control wildlife on public and private property. Some states allow trapping, transferring, and releasing the animals. Other states allow you to trap the animals, but you must release them back onto your own property. If you don’t want the critter released on your property, it must be humanely euthanized. We follow Virginia Wildlife Control and Maryland Wildlife Control laws as they pertain to the type of animal we are trapping. It may be possible to avoid trapping an animal if a simple exclusion device (such as a one-way door) can be installed to allow the critter to exit your home and remain locked out.


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