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When wildlife invades your home in Fairfax, Virginia, you need professional help. You need it fast. BEDR Wildlife Removal has been a local animal control expert in Fairfax VA for over a decade. We’re proud to serve Fairfax County and the surrounding Northern VA area.

Don’t let unwanted critters wreak havoc on your Fairfax property any longer. Our experienced wildlife removal specialists provide fast, humane, and effective animal control services. We’ve got you covered. We deal with squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife nuisances.

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BEDR Wildlife Removal understands that wildlife intrusions can be stressful and dangerous. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service. Our goal is complete peace of mind for our valued Fairfax clients. Here’s why we’re the top choice for animal control in Fairfax, VA:

Unmatched Expertise

We have over a decade of experience. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to handle all wildlife animal control situations. Our team consists of trained professionals. We are experts in wildlife behavior, removal techniques, and exclusion damage repairs.

Local Fairfax, VA Knowledge

We know Fairfax County and its unique wildlife challenges like the back of our hands. This knowledge allows us to anticipate and address the specific needs of our Fairfax VA community.

Humane Wildlife Removal

We focus on the safety and well-being of you and the animals we remove. We remove wildlife using humane methods. When local regulations in Fairfax allow, we release critters back into their natural habitat.

Comprehensive Critter Removal Services

We offer initial animal removal, damage repair, and exclusion prevention. We offer a complete suite of wildlife control services. We remove animals, and we make sure they can’t return.

Fast Response Time

We understand that wildlife issues can’t wait. That’s why we offer prompt service for Fairfax homeowners. We can provide an emergency response for those urgent situations.

Fairfax Animal Control Services

BEDR Wildlife Removal specializes in a wide range of animal control services. We tailor our response to the unique needs of Fairfax residents. Our comprehensive solutions include:

Squirrel Removal In Fairfax

Are squirrels causing a stir and scratching in your attic or chewing through your electrical wiring? We’ll remove them from your property.

Squirrel removal in Fairfax, Virginia is a crucial service for homeowners facing the challenges posed by these agile critters. Fairfax County, known for its picturesque suburban landscapes and abundant greenery, provides an ideal habitat for squirrels. While these creatures can be charming to observe from a distance, they often become a nuisance when they find their way into homes, attics, or crawl spaces. Their presence can lead to property damage, electrical hazards, and health concerns due to the spread of diseases through their droppings. Thankfully, Fairfax residents have access to professional squirrel removal services. These experts employ humane and safe methods to capture and relocate squirrels, ensuring the well-being of both residents and the animals. Squirrel removal in Fairfax, Virginia, plays a vital role in maintaining the harmony between urban living and the local wildlife population.

Raccoon Removal In Fairfax

Raccoons can be aggressive and carry diseases. We’ll trap and remove them and secure your property against future intrusions.

Raccoon removal in Fairfax, Virginia is an essential service for homeowners and businesses alike, grappling with the challenges posed by these intelligent and resourceful creatures. Fairfax County, nestled amidst lush woodlands and suburban neighborhoods, provides an inviting environment for raccoons seeking food and shelter. While raccoons are undoubtedly fascinating creatures, they can quickly become a nuisance when they infiltrate properties, raid trash bins, and potentially carry diseases. Raccoon removal experts in Fairfax employ humane and safe methods to capture and relocate these animals, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and their properties. These professionals understand the local wildlife and environmental regulations, offering a responsible and effective solution to maintain the balance between urban living and coexisting with the native raccoon population in Fairfax, Virginia.

Bat Removal In Fairfax

Bats are a protected species, and their removal requires a delicate touch. We’ll move bat colonies and seal entry points.

Bat removal in Fairfax is a critical service for residents and property owners dealing with the presence of these nocturnal flying mammals. Fairfax County, with its diverse natural landscapes and wooded areas, can often attract bats seeking shelter in buildings, attics, or chimneys. While bats are valuable for controlling insect populations, their presence can pose health risks due to the potential transmission of diseases like rabies. Professional bat removal experts in Fairfax employ humane and eco-friendly methods to safely exclude bats from homes or structures while respecting local wildlife conservation laws. Their expertise ensures that both residents and bats are protected, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and these essential flying creatures in Fairfax, Virginia.

Skunk Removal In Fairfax

Skunks can be a stinky problem. We’ll handle their removal carefully, minimizing the odor and risk to your family.

Skunk removal in Fairfax is a crucial service for residents facing the challenges posed by these distinctively odorous creatures. Fairfax County, known for its green spaces and suburban neighborhoods, provides an inviting habitat for skunks seeking food and shelter. While skunks are generally harmless, their defensive spray can be a major inconvenience and health hazard. Professional skunk removal experts in Fairfax employ safe and humane methods to capture and relocate these animals, ensuring the well-being of both residents and the skunks. Their expertise helps mitigate the potential conflicts that can arise when skunks take up residence in and around homes, fostering a safer and more comfortable environment for the community in Fairfax, Virginia.

Wildlife Damage Repair In Fairfax

Wildlife damage repair in Fairfax is an essential service that comes into play after encounters with various critters have left homes or properties in disarray. Fairfax County’s picturesque surroundings and abundant natural areas make it a hotspot for wildlife interactions. However, when animals such as squirrels, raccoons, or skunks invade, they can cause structural damage, gnawing through insulation, wires, and even damaging roofing. Professional wildlife damage repair experts in Fairfax offer a crucial solution. These specialists not only remove the pests but also provide the necessary repairs to restore homes to their pre-infestation condition. Their services include fixing chewed wires, sealing entry points, and sanitizing affected areas to prevent health hazards. Wildlife damage repair in Fairfax ensures that residents can live safely and comfortably while coexisting with the natural world around them.

Exclusion and Prevention Services In Fairfax

We’ll assess your property for vulnerabilities. And we’ll put in place animal control and prevention measures. We’ll get critters out and keep them from returning.

Wildlife exclusion and prevention services in Fairfax are a proactive approach to maintaining a harmonious balance between the human population and the local wildlife. Fairfax County’s lush landscapes and green spaces often attract various animals, some of which may seek shelter within homes or structures. These services aim to prevent such occurrences by implementing effective strategies like sealing entry points, installing barriers, and fortifying vulnerable areas that could invite wildlife intrusion. By addressing potential access points and creating a barrier between wildlife and properties, these services help residents avoid costly damage and health hazards associated with unwanted critter visits. Wildlife exclusion and prevention services in Fairfax are a testament to the community’s commitment to coexisting peacefully with the natural world while safeguarding their homes and surroundings.

Fairfax Northern VA Fox ControlFairfax County Animal Control Fox Issues

If you’re dealing with fox issues in Fairfax County, BEDR Wildlife Removal can help. We are your trusted source for expert animal control. Foxes can be challenging to handle, especially in urban and suburban areas. Our team has the knowledge and experience to remove these creatures. We will also offer guidance to prevent future infestations.

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