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Commercial Wildlife Pest Removal in Virginia

Are you concerned that wildlife or rodents might become a problem for your business? Don’t wait until it’s a serious problem – we can help.

Our Wildlife Management and Control Services can protect your homes, restaurants, offices, buildings, hospitals, schools, factories and other commercial businesses from many common wildlife animals and pests.

Our certified and trained Wildlife Removal Professionals service all types of commercial property from office buildings to multi-family rental properties.

Our personnel are uniformed and our trucks are clearly marked so you and your employees will always be sure they know who is working with them.

Wildlife Trapping, Removal and Management for Businesses and Property Management Companies

Integrated Wildlife Management is a process involving common sense, safe, effective and humane solutions for trapping, removing, treating and controlling wildlife animals and pests.

Service options also include repair, remediation and habitat modification work, such as sealing cracks, repairing roofs and soffits, trimming trees and removing food and water sources to deny access and nesting for nuisance animals and pests.

We provide customized wildlife pest control solutions that protect businesses in the following categories:

    • Apartments, Condominiums and Multi-Unit Housing
    • Food Manufacturing
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Managed Commercial Property Facilities
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Shops
    • Schools and other Educational Facilities
    • Warehouses and Food Distribution Centers

Our commercial wildlife trapping services include:

    • Raccoon Removal
    • Squirrel Removal
    • Skunk Removal
    • Bird and Nest Removal
    • Groundhog Removal
    • Bat Removal
    • Rat and Mice Removal
    • Snake Removal
    • Pigeon Removal
    • Fox Removal
    • And all types of nuisance animals and pests

Wildlife Removal and Control for Restaurants and the Food Processing Industry

Food industry operations are highly attractive to rodents and wildlife and should be dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid any situations involving your personnel or your customers.

It can be difficult or impossible to recover a good reputation in the food service industry when people discover your business has wildlife and pest management problems. Our highly trained and certified wildlife removal and pest control professionals will inspect your building from the ground up and provide the solution you need to free it of annoying, and possibly dangerous, pests and wildlife animals.

Affordable Solutions for Commercial Wildlife Removal and Pest Control

Our Commercial Wildlife and Pest Control Service is the best because:

    • We Offer Priority Service
    • We Offer Discreet And Affordable Contracts
    • We Can Provide Organic Alternatives To Pesticides
    • We Can Tailor Your Program To Meet Requirements
    • Discounts Available For Multiple Premises
    • All Services Are Fully-Guaranteed

We can set up maintenance contracts for each of your properties, designed to fit your budget and ensure that your properties will always be nuisance animal free.

24×7 Emergency Wildlife Removal Response is Available

Emergency Wildlife Trapping and Removal Services are available 24-hours a day.  We know there are times when businesses critically need help to quickly remove animals from buildings and property to avoid damage to inventory or lost revenue opportunities.  Stuff happens.  Our Wildlife Removal Pros can respond to emergency wildlife animal removal calls to help business owners quickly recover and safely resolve animal related issues and so they can return to normal business operations.

Contact BEDR Wildlife Removal Now

Don’t wait to get the peace of mind and protection your business deserves. Wildlife and pest management problems can easily spiral out of control and cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost inventory and sales. The best time to get started is now. Contact us immediately at 703-395-8622 to schedule a free consultation with one of our wildlife experts.

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