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Do you have skunks under your house? Behind your walls? Or under your shed? Quick skunk removal is essential to keep your family safe and reduce both the health risks and the property damage caused by skunks. Get rid of skunks all across Northern VA & Maryland.  From Arlington & Fairfax to Fredericksburg & Manassas & Southern Maryland.

Call the pros and discover why we are the best skunk removal company and how we will ensure your satisfaction.

Skunks are less common to find in homes due to them being nomadic in nature but nevertheless, they do find their way into homes and should be removed before they get the chance to cause any damage. We respond to urgent and emergency calls from homeowners for skunk removal and will get rid of the skunk from your house or residence safely.

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Skunks are common throughout the United States and are easy to identify. There are two types of skunks you are likely to encounter the first of which is called the striped skunk. This is the classic looking skunk that you usually think of when thinking of a skunk. They are about the size of a domestic cat, 22-32 inches, with jet black fur and two white stripes running down their back. Remember skunk removal is critical, the sooner the better.

The other skunk you may encounter is known as the spotted skunk aka the polecat. They are about half the size of a striped skunk with lengths ranging from 14-18 inches. Their fur is black or grayish black with white stripes on their shoulders and sides and white spots on its forehead, cheeks, and rump. Call us to Get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

Skunks are omnivorous creatures and will eat whatever they can get their hands on whether that is bugs, small rodents, fruits, vegetables, pet food and even scavenge through our garbage for something to eat.

Signs of a Skunk

Signs of a skunk include their tracks, droppings, evidence of their digging and of course the musky order we know skunks to produce. Skunks are burrowing creatures and will likely make a den underground. They can be identified easily by their tracks which look similar to that of a domestic cat except for the show claw marks and have 5 toes.

If you do hind track that looks like skunk tracks look for signs of their digging throughout the area. They will dig several holes 1-3 inches deep in search of bugs just underground. It is rare to see one in the daylight or even bright moonlight nights which can make it tricky to identify if one has taken up residence in at your location.  Call to get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

Act Carefully Around Skunks

If you believe you have skunks burrowing under your house, shed, or nearby, try and stay calm. Skunks are not known to stay in one spot for more than a few days but if the conditions are hospitable or a mother skunk is getting ready to give birth they have been known to say for longer periods of time.

Everyone’s concern with skunks is getting skunked, and as a human, it is unlikely you will get skunked unless you ignore the many warnings the skunk will normally give you. First off skunks are naturally afraid of humans and will hide from you unless they have had prior incidents with humans that have fed them for example, but for the most part, they will avoid you.

Skunks, however, have poor eyesight and will often approach people who are standing still. If you notice this happening, slowly move away from the animal. The key is to not startle the skunk so avoid making any loud noises, moving quickly, or making movements that would be interrupted as threatening to the skunk.

If, however, the skunk appears aggravated leave the area quietly and slowly. If the skunk does feel threatened by your actions, it will normally give you several warnings before it sprays you. It will start off by stomping its front feet if the threat remains it will then make short charges with its tail raised in the direction of the threat. The last warning it will give you is by turning its hind end around to the same direction as its snout. Call to get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

If it still feels threatened it will then spray you. Humans are unlikely to get sprayed because most will not agitate a skunk until it does this, more commonly a dog will ignore these threats and become sprayed. A skunk’s spray under the right conditions can reach you from 20 feet away.

They can also control the spray to either be a mist or a jet stream. The spray smells very pungent and can take months (4 months in severe cases) to fully go away and if hit in the right spot can have a similar effect as tear gas.

If You Do Get Sprayed

If you do unfortunately get sprayed or a pet of yours the procedure is the same. The sooner you address it the sooner the smell will go away. First, if the eyes become irritated to flush them liberally with cool clean water, next because skunk spray is very alkaline use something slightly acidic such as tomato juice, diluted vinegar, or a carbolic soap. After washing yourself or your pet take a long hot shower to help remove the smell, depending on the severity this process may need to be repeated several times. With pets start by washing their body first then move onto their head. Skunk spray is very oily so use a soap that is known for its degreasing qualities like Dawn. Call to get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

We Remove Skunks Quickly to Avoid Diseases

Skunks that take up residence at or near your home pose a significant health risk to your family and your pets that extends beyond the spray. Skunks can also carry other diseases which can infect pets and humans. Skunks hold the position as the #2 carrier of rabies which accounts for over a quarter of reported cases.

Transmission of the disease begins when a skunk bites or scratches you or your pet and the infected saliva enters your body. This is a very serious disease and if you are scratched or bitten by an animal it is imperative that you see a medical professional immediately.

Even if the symptoms do not appear right away the virus may be dormant, essentially hiding from the immune system. Don’t be fooled by its inactivity, if left untreated it will almost certainly lead to death. As mentioned above it is very rare to see a skunk let alone have one attack a human. Call to get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

Pets, especially dogs are more at risk because they will usually ignore the threats a skunk provides them. If a skunk bites or scratches you, immediately scrub the wound with soap and water. Be sure to liberally flush the wound with tap water. Remember, skunks can carry rabies so contact your physician and the local health department immediately. If your pet is bitten, follow the same cleansing procedure and contact your veterinarian.

Skunks are also known to carry Leptospirosis, which is a bacterial disease that can also affect humans and pets. We can become infected with this bacterium after coming in contact with infected animal urine through water soil or food.

This becomes a problem if a skunk has taken up residence in your home or nearby and begins urinating inside. The bacteria will enter into our body through skin contact, especially through eyes, nose and broken skin. Take precaution if cleaning up skunk waste as it could contain this bacterium.

If infected symptoms such as kidney and liver failure could occur and in rare instances death. The most common symptoms for healthy humans are flu-like symptoms.

We Remove and Repair Damage Caused By Skunks

Skunks are burrowing animals and like to dig. They will use these skills to find weak points in your foundation and crawl spaces. If they do enter your home and the conditions are right for them, they will stay and continue to use the entrance they dug. While under your home their digging can cause serious damage to your plumbing and electrical wiring. Call to get rid of skunks (703) 395-8622

Damage to these critical systems in your home leave you pre-disposed to a fire occurring in your home. As mentioned, skunks are nomadic and will usually only stay for a few nights if they do enter your home but are known to stay longer if the conditions are habitable, especially when skunks are giving birth.

This happens once a year between February and May, during this time you may very well have an entire family living under your home and since skunks do not hibernate the can cause damage to your home all year long. This damage to the foundation of your home caused by skunks may not be covered under your homeowner’s insurance leaving you to pay out of pocket for the damages which can be quite expensive even without having to hire a plumber or electrician for additional repairs.

If you notice holes around your home, having problems with your electrical or plumbing systems or hear something under your floor you may very well have a skunk living underneath you. This problem should be addressed immediately by a trained, licensed Wildlife Removal professional.

We have experienced animal waste removal professionals and home repair contractors to help homeowners repair damages caused by skunks.

Our Skunk Removal Services are Humane

We provide quality animal removal and pest management solutions that are safe for your family, pets, and home. You can depend on us to effectively and affordably capture and eliminate those uninvited rodents and wild creatures using humane and Eco-friendly methods.

Our Other Wildlife Removal Services Include:

Our skilled wildlife removal professionals have access to the latest tools and technology. They use methods and treatments that have a low-impact on your environment. The services are effective against wildlife and pests with minimum risk to your family or your pets.

24×7 Emergency Skunk Removal Services

Emergency Skunk Trapping and Removal Services are available 24-hours a day. We know there are times when you need help quickly to remove animals from your home and property. Stuff happens, like if a frantic animal enters your house and can’t get out, or if you’re confronted with a rabid animal. Our Wildlife Removal Pros respond to emergency wildlife and skunk removal calls to help homeowners quickly and safely resolve issues.

Why use BEDR Wildlife Removal?

  • Wildlife Trapping, Removal, Repair and Remediation Services
  • Skilled and Trained Wildlife Removal Professionals
  • Family-Friendly and Humane Trapping and Removal Methods
  • Complete Protection from Wildlife and Pests
  • Service Warranties and Guarantees for All Work Performed

There many different situations where skunks find themselves in close contact with humans. If your home has been invaded, you may very well be asking yourself, “How do I get rid of skunks from my home and property.” Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you solve any skunk problem you may have.

We trap and remove skunks from your house, so you don’t have to. Skunks are a nuisance and hard to catch. That’s why we recommend that you let a professional animal removal and control expert handle this task.

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