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Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

The serene chirping of squirrels as they play in your backyard is an endearing sight. However, these seemingly harmless creatures can pose substantial challenges when they make your attic their home. This article dives deep into the issues that homeowners face with attic squirrels and the compelling reasons to partner with experts like BEDR Wildlife Removal.

Squirrel Removal FROM ATTICSProfessional Squirrel Exterminators

Many homeowners make the mistake of underestimating the squirrel problem, often attempting DIY methods that might provide temporary relief but fail to address the core issue. Here’s why professional intervention is crucial:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment – With their wealth of experience, professionals can assess the magnitude of the infestation, identify all entry points, and recommend the best course of action tailored to each unique situation.
  2. Ensuring Safety – While squirrels seem harmless, they can be carriers of diseases and can become aggressive when threatened. A professional exterminator removes squirrels without causing harm to them or the household members.
  3. Long-term Solutions – A one-time removal isn’t a permanent solution. BEDR Wildlife Removal, for instance, offers preventive measures, ensuring that your home remains squirrel-free in the long run.

Homeowners’ Concerns About Getting Rid of Squirrels in Attic

As homeowners grapple with the reality of a squirrel infestation, several nuanced concerns arise:

  1. Potential Allergens – The squirrel’s droppings, fur, and dander can trigger allergies or exacerbate respiratory conditions.
  2. Breeding Seasons – Squirrels breed twice yearly, so a small squirrel problem can quickly escalate without proper intervention.
  3. Hidden Nests – Squirrels often create nests deep within the attic’s insulation, going unnoticed until the damage is significant.
  4. Day-to-Day Disruption – Aside from noise disturbances, squirrels can introduce fleas and ticks into the home, posing additional health concerns.
  5. Impact on Home Insurance – Some insurance companies might consider squirrel infestations as “preventable damage,” potentially affecting claims or policy rates.

BEDR Wildlife Removal: Above and Beyond Squirrel Extermination

BEDR Wildlife Removal doesn’t just remove squirrels; they provide homeowners with peace of mind. Their services extend to:

  1. Expert Consultation: Guiding homeowners on the next steps post-eviction.
  2. Cleanup Services: Ensuring the attic is sanitized and free from remnants of the infestation.
  3. Periodic Checks: They offer regular inspections to ensure that preventive measures are still effective.

Taking Immediate Steps To Get Squirrels Out of Attic

Every day spent contemplating is another day the squirrels continue to damage your home. Immediate action, facilitated by experts, can prevent escalating costs and damages.

For residents of Northern Virginia, remember that swift, efficient, and humane solutions are just a phone call away. Contact BEDR Wildlife Removal at (703) 343-9383 for a comprehensive quote and consultation.

While squirrels may be delightful in their natural setting, their presence in your attic can lead to significant complications. Partnering with expert exterminators like BEDR Wildlife Removal ensures not only the removal of these pesky critters but also equips homeowners with the knowledge and tools to maintain a squirrel-free environment. The peace of mind that comes with expert intervention is genuinely unparalleled.


Squirrel Extermination Techniques

Mastering the Art of Trapping Squirrels

Trapping is one of the foremost solutions when dealing with squirrel invaders. Opting for live traps shows a humane approach, ensuring these animals’ safe capture and relocation. Remember:

  • Choose traps that are appropriate in size to avoid injury to the squirrel.
  • Consider baiting the trap with fresh fruits or nuts to lure them.
  • Once trapped, relocate the squirrels to a location several miles away from your home to minimize their chances of returning.

PEST CONTROL SQUIRREL REMOVALProfessional Pest Control Squirrel Removal

When facing an overwhelming squirrel infestation, professional intervention becomes indispensable. These experts:

  • Provide an in-depth assessment of the infestation scale.
  • Offer tailored solutions, considering the unique architecture of your home and the squirrel species in question.
  • Employ advanced tools and methodologies, ensuring quick and humane removal.

Flying Squirrels

Unlike their ground-dwelling counterparts, flying squirrels are adept at gliding, making them trickier to manage. Dealing with this species demands:

  • Enhanced vigilance during nighttime, given their nocturnal nature.
  • Specialized traps or repellents.
  • Collaborating with professionals who have experience with flying squirrel behavior.

Getting Rid of Squirrels In Attic During Winter

Winter poses unique challenges as squirrels actively seek warmth. To combat this:

  • Ensure that attic insulation is intact and free from gaps.
  • Check for potential entry points like vents or openings in roofing, especially post-snowfall.
  • Consider warm repellents or deterrents that discourage nesting.

Cost of Squirrel Removal from Attics

As with most home interventions, squirrel removal comes with costs. An informed homeowner benefits by:

  • Requesting multiple quotes from local professionals to understand the average pricing.
  • Evaluating the cost versus the scale of the infestation.
  • When budgeting, consider potential long-term damages (like chewed wiring or structural damage).

Dead Squirrel Removal From Attics and Walls

Encountering a deceased squirrel in the attic is distressing. To handle this:

  • Always wear gloves and use a double-bagging method for disposal.
  • Avoid touching the carcass directly.
  • Once removed, disinfect the area thoroughly to eliminate potential pathogens.

Staying a Step Ahead: Proactive Squirrel Prevention

Eradicating current invaders is only part of the solution. Maintaining a squirrel-free environment involves:

  • Regularly inspect your home’s exterior for cracks, holes, or other potential entry points.
  • Install squirrel guards or deterrents, especially around trees close to your home.
  • Seek periodic checks from pest control experts, especially before seasons that see a surge in squirrel activities.

In conclusion, while squirrels are delightful creatures in nature, their presence in homes can lead to significant disruptions. Homeowners can ensure peaceful coexistence with these agile critters through informed removal strategies and proactive preventive measures. Remember, always prioritize humane methods and consider the well-being of these animals while safeguarding your home.