Updated: February 18, 2024

Practical Strategies to Remove Squirrels from Your Attic

Discovering squirrels in your attic can be a frustrating situation. These agile and persistent creatures can cause damage to your property. They also pose potential health risks. This post will explore proven strategies to get rid of squirrels from your attic. We want to ensure your peace of mind and the well-being of these urban wildlife neighbors.


The Challenge: Squirrels are excellent climbers and can easily access attics. They enter through small openings, damaged vents, or gaps in roofing.

Health and Safety Concerns: Squirrel infestations can damage attics. They destroy insulation, electrical wires, and structural elements. Additionally, their droppings can carry diseases, presenting health hazards to your household.

5 Step-by-Step Solution

Inspection and Identification

The Process: Inspect your attic to identify squirrel entry points and nests. Look for chewed wires, nesting materials, and droppings.

The Importance: Understanding the extent of the infestation will guide your actions. To keep squirrels out you must seal off all potential entry points.

Seal Entry Points

Effective Sealing: Seal all entry points with sturdy materials. Use materials like wire mesh, steel wool, or caulk. Be sure you do not seal squirrels into the attic. They must be able to leave before sealing all holes.

Preventive Measures: Cover vents and gaps. Use appropriate materials to prevent future squirrel intrusions.

One-Way Exclusion Devices

The Strategy: Install one-way exclusion devices at the entry point. These devices are funnel-shaped cones. Place them on the outside of the home, not in the attic. This allows squirrels to exit but not re-enter.

Timing is Key: Install exclusion devices when no squirrels remain inside. This approach encourages them to leave on their own.

Repellents and Traps

Scent Repellents: Most scent repellents are ineffective. But you can use natural repellents like predator urine or ammonia-soaked rags.

Humane Traps: If necessary, use humane live traps to catch squirrels. Be sure to understand local laws. Some regulations outline how to handle trapped animals.  You must know how to dispose of squirrels. Your jurisdiction may not allow release in the area.

Professional Help

When to Consider: Is the infestation extensive? Are you uncomfortable handling the situation on your own? Hire a professional wildlife removal service.

Expertise Matters: Squirrel removal experts have experience in getting squirrels out of attics. They also practice humane trapping methods. This will ensure the animals’ well-being. This is especially important in situations with baby squirrels.

Ethical Squirrel Removal

Safeguarding Wildlife: Dealing with squirrel infestations is essential. But remember that these creatures are part of our urban ecosystems.

Removing squirrels from your attic requires a strategic and humane approach. Assess the nature of the problem. Take these step-by-step actions. You can get squirrels from your attic and promote coexistence with these critters. Focus on safety. Ethical practices will keep your family safe.