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Wildlife removal is provided by our BEDR Wildlife Removal technicians who find, trap and get rid of wildlife that has found a way into attics, basements, crawl spaces, soffits, chimneys, or any area of a house or business. With our wildlife services, you can rest easy knowing that the critters will soon be under control by the professionals at BEDR Wildlife Removal. We provide the best wildlife removal across Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. So reach out and get the best in wildlife services and critter control.

Services We OFFER

Our Northern Virginia wildlife removal trapping services consist of:

Raccoon Removal

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Squirrel Removal

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bird control

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Rat Removal

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Wildlife Removal Service Areas in Virginia

Alexandria - Annandale - Arlington - Ashburn - Bowling Green - Burke - Centreville - Chantilly - Dale City - Fairfax - Fairfax Station - Falls Church - Fort Lee - Fredericksburg - Gainesville - Great Falls - Hanover - Haymarket - Herndon - King George - Lake Ridge - Leesburg - Locust Grove - Lorton- Manassas - Mclean - Mechanicsville - Milford - Montross - Mount Vernon - Newington - Oakton - Reston - Spotsylvania - Springfield - Stafford - Thornburg - Triangle - Vienna - Westmoreland - Woodbridge

Wildlife Removal and Critter Pest Control

Removing wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife critters is our business. Our Wildlife Removal and Critter Control Experts provide total wildlife control solutions to remove nuisance wildlife and offer pest animal control. We provide animal trapping and removal services as well as services to repair animal damage and offer wildlife waste cleanup when required. We conduct a thorough onsite inspection to identify and suggest actions house owners and companies can act on to exclude and keep wildlife from going back into your facility.

Wildlife Removal and Critter Control Services

Wild animals can be a huge challenge to property owners and commercial properties in Northern Virginia. Our service experts have an average of over 10 years of experience and handle nearly all kinds of wildlife animal removal problems for residential and business clients. Our wildlife assessment services help property owners, property management businesses and business owners locate problem areas that might be adding to or drawing in wildlife to their property.

If you are hearing unfamiliar noises in your attic or walls, such as scratching or scurrying feet, then time is of the essence to remove wildlife because animals can be really damaging to homes and properties. Wildlife critters are devastating to homes, can be aggressive to people and animals and also can bring disease. That means that you and your family or workers are at risk when wildlife exists in or near your house or place of business in Northern Virginia. For wildlife services call 703-395-8622

What Does Wildlife Removal Include?


This is the foundation service for getting rid of wildlife from a house or business. Based on the animal to be gotten rid of, specialized traps and bait are deployed at places that are identified during the preliminary wildlife evaluation. Trapping services might be scheduled throughout a pre-determined service duration, such as 7 business days in order to catch all or as many nuisance animals as possible. At other times, catching an animal might be possible in a single visit. Situations will vary.


When wildlife has actually been trapped the animals are removed from the property. The disposition of captured wildlife is governed by state, regional and federal laws and regulations. At all times, our wildlife professionals humanely deal with all caught animals and remove them with the safety of the animal and surrounding community as a primary concern. Disposition of dead animals (such as deer) is likewise regulated and handled with the same issue for humane treatment.


When wildlife has been caught and removed it is essential to take action to keep them out. Postponing or disregarding this service can lead to wildlife returning to the house. As well, harmful animal waste will continue to represent a threat to the home and those people in it. Wildlife damage repair i ncludes such things as screening, soffit repair work, insulation replacement, roofing repair and even electrical repair work (animals like to chew things).

Wildlife Removal Inspections and Assessments

BEDR Wildlife Removal technicians perform an extensive onsite wildlife assessment in order to produce a customized detailed plan to trap and eliminate wildlife critters and animals. Our assessment consists of trying to find indications of wildlife in attics, outside and interior walls, siding, roofs and ceilings, all vents and exhaust systems, the structure foundation and crawl spaces, sheds and everywhere critter problem or nest can be found.

Northern Virginia Wildlife Inspections are designed to:

  • Investigate onsite proof of pesky wildlife and animals that have attacked the residential or commercial property.
  • Identify and document damage and wear and tear caused by the wildlife animals and assess options for priority actions to get rid of animals.
  • Locate all points of entry (those that are noticeable as well as those hidden) to assess where and how varmints are going into the property.
  • Identify wildlife and critter prevention methods for instant or future application.
  • Serve as a basis to estimate the follow-on repair and remediation services.

What Does It Cost to Remove Wild Animals from a House?

The cost of eliminating critters from a home or commercial property in Northern Virginia depends on a variety of factors and conditions. The scale of a wildlife infestation or invasion is only one of many primary factors driving service costs.

Types of wildlife pests

For example, critters differ by size, trapping Wildlife Critter Control Virginia - Raccoon techniques, and duration of trapping...

Where the wild animal is located.

For example, are they in a fireplace, attic, or a crawl space, behind a wall or in a living area? The trouble in getting to...

The condition of the wild critter

For example, is the wild animal ill? Aggressive? Dead? ...

The Season.

For instance, what are the weather conditions (winter/ summer)? Likewise, throughout specific times throughout the year, especially in the spring...

Location & integrity of the property

For example, is the home simple to access? Are there a couple of or lots of entry points for the wild animal to enter the home?

The expense of material and labor.

For instance, if extensive critter damage has actually taken place then it is incumbent on the property owner or commercial...

If it's a wildlife removal emergency

Emergency critter removal is readily available, particularly in dire and harmful situations. Nevertheless...

Federal and Local Regulations governing wildlife removal

To ensure the humane treatment of wild animals and the safety of property owners and...

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Wildlife Removal Quotes

Quotes for wildlife removal in Northern Virginia residential or commercial property is broken down into 2 distinct service quotes. Quote 1 is only for the critter trap and removal activities of the wildlife service. This estimate is provided at the time of the first assessment. It must take into account the aspects of service noted above.

The first service quote is a fixed and firm price for wild animal trapping and wildlife removal work. The quote is based upon details provided during the preliminary consultation and must be confirmed during the onsite wildlife inspection.

Upon approval of the work quoted, the on-site inspection and trapping and removal services are set up in Northern Virginia

The second price quote is prepared after the onsite evaluation. The evaluation will create a detailed list of recommended actions to repair damage and control critters from reentering the house. All quoted remediation services are optional. However, our qualified animal experts usually have the products on hand and the skills to do the work while on site trapping and eliminating critters in the Northern Virginia vicinity.

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