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Raccoon Removal Services to Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Attic!

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Do you have raccoons in your attic? Or behind your walls?  Fast & safe raccoon removal is essential to keep your family safe and reduce the property damage caused by raccoons. Get rid of raccoons with professional trapping and sleep in peace. 


Raccoon removal is one of the most common calls our BEDR Wildlife Removal Professionals receive.  We respond to urgent and emergency calls from homeowners to remove raccoons from attics and chimneys. We serve all Northern Virginia, so we remove raccoon in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Manassas and more. We also get rid of raccoons in Southern Maryland. Give us a call to see if we remove raccoons in your area.

Raccoons are common in all areas of the United States and are easily identifiable by their very distinctive and trademark look – a black mask and furry ringed tail. Adult raccoons generally weigh between 10 to 35 lbs. and grow from 2′ to 3′ feet in length. They are omnivorous creatures and excellent climbers because of their dexterous fingers. Raccoons sleep during the day because they are nocturnal animals. So if you see a raccoon active during the day, DO NOT approach it because it may be aggressive or rabid. Raccoon Removal can be dangerous so call BEDR Wildlife Removal professionals immediately to get rid of raccoons and protect your family.

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Raccoons become a nuisance to homeowners in many ways. Raccoons love to raid unsecured trash cans. They steal food left outside for pets. They have even been known to enter homes through pet doors in search of food. Raccoons damage fruit and vegetable gardens too. Do you really want them wandering around your property? Make sure to get rid of raccoons before they cause too much damage.

Act Carefully If You Have Raccoons In Your Home

If you believe that you have a raccoon in your attic, please be very careful. Raccoons are aggressive and they will bite. One of the primary reasons a raccoon wants into your attic is to give birth and raise their young in a protected environment. Female raccoons aggressively protect their young and should only be trapped and removed by a professional using the proper equipment.

If you have a raccoon problem, don’t ignore it. The situation will only grow worse over time. If you need to remove a raccoon from your attic or property, give us a call today! 703-395-8622

Our Residential and Commercial Raccoon Removal and Control services include home and property inspections, trapping and removing unwanted animals, managing wildlife access, repairing animal and pest damage and ensuring year-round monitoring and response to help alleviate homeowner concerns.

Our expert services begin with a thorough inspection of your property, to find every potential access point, hiding place and breeding ground for unwanted raccoons. We will give you an estimate to seal up your home so once you get rid of the raccoons they will not come back.

Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Attic

Raccoons in the attic are one of the most common animal control and removal calls we receive from homeowners. This is due in part to the fact that raccoons have adapted well to the urban and suburban environments of cities and towns. Raccoons have learned that human dwellings are great places to nest and raise their young. Houses offer raccoons protection from the heat of summer and cold of winter. This is especially important during the springtime raccoon mating season when raccoon babies are typically born. During this time, female raccoons can be a very aggressive while “nesting” newborns.

BEDR Wildlife Removal Professionals trap and remove raccoons because they cause considerable damage to houses and they represent a significant safety risk for families and homes. Raccoons destroy fascia boards. They tear off roof shingles and damage and remove siding. Raccoons even remove chimney and vent caps to gain access to houses, chimneys and attic spaces.

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How raccoons get into your attic or home is one thing. What they do once inside is another. Raccoons damage and destroy attic and wall insulation and electrical wiring all in an effort to modify the environment to suit their nesting or “denning” purposes. Homeowners must quickly respond to remove raccoons from the attic in order to limit the damage and reduce the contamination and health risks posed by these nuisance pests.

We Remove Raccoons Quickly to Avoid Diseases

Raccoons in the attic can pose a significant health risk to families – especially those with children and pets. Raccoons carry disease, such as Baylisascaris, which is an intestinal parasite known as “raccoon roundworm.” ( This roundworm can infect people as well as a variety of other animals, including dogs. There are several other diseases that raccoons are responsible for, including several forms of respiratory illnesses.

Raccoons in Virginia and Maryland often have roundworms but they do not usually cause a serious problem for raccoons. However, roundworm eggs shed in raccoon droppings can cause mild to serious illness in other animals and humans. Raccoon roundworm can infect a person who accidentally ingests or inhales the parasite’s eggs.

Never touch or inhale raccoon droppings. Use rubber gloves and a mask when cleaning areas where raccoons have been, and keep young children and pets away from areas where raccoons concentrate. If washing raccoon droppings from a roof, watch where the run-off is going. Unfortunately, raccoon roundworm eggs can remain alive in soil and other places for several months.

If a raccoon bites or scratches you, immediately scrub the wound with soap and water. Be sure to liberally flush the wound with tap water. Remember, raccoons can carry rabies so contact your physician and the local health department immediately. If your pet is bitten, follow the same cleansing procedure and contact your veterinarian.

We Remove and Repair Contaminated Insulation and Damage Caused by Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons can cause considerable damage to an attic and home. Raccoons are among the most aggressive and destructive animals to deal with because they cause insulation damage, sheetrock damage, roofing, and shingle damage as well as a number of other structural damage and environmental impacts. A raccoon is one of the least desirable animals to have in your attic and that’s why our wildlife removal specialists respond to urgent and emergency requests for help.

If raccoons have been in your attic for any period of time, then insulation and wiring damage is the most common repair you’ll face. Raccoons contaminate attic insulation with fecal matter and urine which, in addition to posing a health risk to families, will eventually cause the insulation to become matted and compressed. This allows heated air to escape into the attic in the winter and hot air to enter the home in the summer. Raccoons also cause damage to electrical wiring and vents.

If you hear sounds in your attic early in the morning or late at night, then the odds are pretty good that you have a raccoon in your attic. This problem should be addressed immediately by a trained, licensed Wildlife Removal professional.

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We have experienced animal waste removal professionals and insulation contractors to help homeowners remove and replace attic insulation damaged by raccoons.

Our Raccoon Removal Services are Humane

We provide quality animal removal and pest management solutions that are safe for your family, pets, and home. You can depend on us to effectively and affordably capture and eliminate those uninvited rodents and wild creatures using humane and Eco-friendly methods.

Our Raccoon Removal and Other Wildlife Control Services Include:

Our skilled wildlife removal professionals have access to the latest tools and technology. They use methods and treatments that have a low-impact on your environment. The services are effective against wildlife and pests with minimum risk to your family or your pets.

24×7 Emergency Raccoon Removal Services

Emergency Raccoon Trapping and Removal Services are available 24-hours a day. We know there are times when you need help quickly to remove animals from your home and property. Stuff happens, like if a frantic animal enters your house and can’t get out, or if you’re confronted with a rabid animal. Our Wildlife Removal Pros respond to emergency wildlife and raccoon removal calls to help homeowners quickly and safely resolve issues.

Why use BEDR Wildlife Removal?

  • Wildlife Trapping, Removal, Repair And Remediation Services
  • Skilled And Trained Wildlife Removal Professionals
  • Family-Friendly And Humane Trapping and Removal Methods
  • Complete Protection From Wildlife And Pests
  • Service Warranties And Guarantees For All Work Performed

There many different situations where raccoons find themselves in close contact with humans. If your home has been invaded, you may very well be asking yourself, “How do I get rid of raccoons from my home and attic.” Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you solve any raccoon problem you may have.

We trap and remove raccoons from attics so you don’t have to. Raccoons are a nuisance and hard to catch. That’s why we recommend that you let a professional animal removal and control expert handle this task.

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and take the first step toward a raccoon-free home.

Raccoon Removal Service Areas in Virginia Include the Below Communities

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